Retired Naval Officer Discovers a Passion for Pottery

          I was fortunate enough to grow up in what was once a small SoCal town of San Diego, CA. I spent many summer days at the beach and it was here that I developed my true love for the ocean. Throughout my 24 years in the Navy, I was blessed to explore many other sandy beaches of Guam, Florida, Hawaii, and other vacation destinations like Mexico, Grand Cayman, Virgin Islands, and beautiful Obersee in Germany. Consequently, I have been inspired by the natural beauty of the seascapes above and below sea level.

          My love of working with clay, began in 2004 and continues to this day.  I enjoy throwing on the wheel & hand-building pottery as well as designing jewelry.  As God would have it, my family and I settled in Lakeland, TN and I'm able to share my time between the pottery studio, yoga studio and volunteering.  In a way, I'm still a "Southern Girl", with a love for life, and a passion for pottery. Thank you for allowing me to indulge you with my story.
        ~*~  My wish is that my art brings joy to your life or someone else's ~*~

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