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Meet the Owner

Rose Conway is a San Diego native, currently based in Memphis, Tennessee. Her chosen medium is clay and specializes in making custom military mugs. She also enjoys intricate leather-knotting work as part of her essential oil diffuser jewelry collection. Conway’s formal education is in Business Administration and she is also a Navy Veteran of 24 years who spent most of her career as a Health Care Administrator.  Her business degrees provide a solid foundation for her business as an emerging artist. She has been featured in Memphis Magazine and has served as panel guest speaker at local Tennessee Small Business events. Notably, in 2017, Rose Conway of Nautilus Pottery was selected as “2017 Tennessee Veteran-Owned Small Business of the Year.”


Rose Conway is the owner and solopreneur of Nautilus Pottery and it is here that she finds peace in her studio developing new designs that connect with your soul and through her military mugs, connects you with that military service and unforgettable shipmates and comrades along the way.

About My Art

        I am interested in work that draws people in and emotionally connects with them when they hold one of my handcrafted pieces. Whether it's a mug or an essential oil diffuser necklace, each one has that touchstone experience. As a retired health care administrator, I believe in the importance of the health and wellness of mind, body and spirit. I was raised in Southern California and spent much of my life at or near the ocean and many themes of my work are inspired by these formidable years. My designs often reflect my intense love for the ocean, my undeniable family and personal connection with the military and this theme permeates the many color palettes and nautical designs.

        Inner peace comes from our strong minds and this is one of many reasons that I design Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry. The owner of my jewelry not only wears it, but experiences it. This experience allows the owner to personalize with a drop of Essential Oil to set the mood for their day. The warmth of the body helps diffuse these oils and has the potential to calm, uplift and empower depending on the oil.

From my hands to yours,

Rose Conway

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